Beginners Guide to Buying a Wig

Are you buying a wig for the first time? If yes, it can seem a little daunting because there are various options you need to consider to make the right choice. However, do you know that millions of people wear wigs every day? It is quite possible because today’s wigs look more natural just like your hair. Therefore, if you are planning on buying short bob wigs, here are the factors you need to consider.

Identify the Style Wig You Need

As mentioned above, there are various types of wigs you need to choose from depending on your needs. Also, if it is your first time wearing a wig, you might feel a little timid about the whole experience. Over the past few years, wigs have improved and you can find the right type that can suit your needs.

As a beginner, it is crucial to take your time and consider choosing a wig that closely matches your previous or current hairstyle. It is an essential factor you need to consider in this process to ensure that you make the recommended choice.

Consider the Shape of Your Face

Apart from considering the wig style, the next factor in this process is your face shape. Therefore, you need to compare and find out the type of wig style that looks best with your face shape. The following are the different face shapes and the styles that suit each one.

Oval-Shaped Face

For those individuals with an oval-shaped face, you can wear any wig style. But most experts recommend off-the-face wigs for individuals with an evenly proportioned and balanced face. Also, these groups of people should avoid wigs that feature heavy bangs. These wigs can create a perception of more weight on your face.

Square-Shaped Face

People with the square-shaped face can wear wigs that are short or medium in length. However, it is recommended that these individuals should consider wigs with off-center and wispy bangs. These wigs succeed in softening a square face. Also, individuals who belong in this category should avoid straight bangs.

Heart-Shaped Face

People with heart-shaped faces need shorter wigs. However, if you have an intense heart-shaped face, you should consider going for a wig that succeeds in adding weight especially on the nape area around your neck. By doing this, it will help you enjoy the beautiful balance between your barrow chin and the pronounced cheekbones.

Peer-Shaped Face

When you have a pear-shaped face, the best wig options are wig styles that promote the appearance of width at your temples and forehead. With these wigs, they will help create the illusion of a more oval face and draw people’s attention to the upper side of your face.

Diamond-Shaped Face

With this kind of face shape, you can choose any style you need because the balanced shape of your face will be flattered by various wigs. However, even if you are lucky to try many wig styles, note that they should not belong. Choose and wear a short wig style that offers more weight in your nape area.