The necessity of keeping to time and getting it done at a particular period cannot be over-emphasized. However, even the most disciplined of all humans sometimes want to enjoy their favorite TV shows for a little while longer or do a task that might take them thirty minutes in one day for ninety minutes in another, just because they don’t find the task appealing.

This exactly is why you have to set the time to work on a specific task because as much as you have a million things calling your attention, you do not have a million hours in a day. Probably not in a lifetime.

Therefore, the little time you have, you need to manage. And that is where the use of a timer becomes a necessity. Taking a read further might just tell you how to make use of the time you have to achieve more than you plan.



1. Efficient use of time

The first and main reason a timer is a necessity for every individual who wants to get more done at a particular period is to allow them to use their time judiciously. Instead of wading through a task for the utmost time possible without taking stock of how much is done in how long, a timer helps set a time goal which in turn means that you strive to do more within a time frame.

2. Enhancing focus and productivity

Many human beings seem to have that burst of creativity at the last hour, magically getting the kick necessary to get things done right when they are due. It of course isn’t magic. However, human beings tend to be more focused when they have a target. And with a time-target, you can just be allowed to be fatigued or have a creativity block. So why don’t you get a timer, set your deadline, and stay focused so you can get more done soon?

3. Encouraging you to work

Everyone naturally has some tasks they loathe, even when we know that they must be done. And went there is no certain time that they must be completed, being encouraged to go on with them seems like a stretch. However, when your clock tells you that you will be done with that boring task soon, isn’t that a push to just keep doing it? Tick tock, tick tock, time to be done coming soon.

4. Organization and preciseness

Imagine baking without anything to guide as to when to stop whisking the eggs, when to stop mixing the batter or when to take the cake out of the oven. There is quite the possibility of a frizzy egg, an over-beaten batter, and a burnt cake. The best recipes in the world don’t just come with quantity measurements, they come with time measurement to give you the precise taste or texture you are looking for.

This also applies in many areas of our life, a tad too much reading may disrupt a person’s sleeping pattern leading to a quite unpredictable lifestyle for the day. Don’t forget, a minute extra can change the taste as well as texture, not only in cooking but generally in life. This shows just one thing, even a 30 second timer may go a long way in helping you put things into order

5. Décor

Decoration? Oh yes! A retro-style globe hourglass will not just do the function of telling exactly when the time set for a task is completed, it will also give a kick of style into your home décor. Timers, just like many other things have evolved from just serving their functional purposes and now are pieces that may be used to add style, colour, or even a sense of purposefulness into a home.

While the phone stopwatch may seem like a perfect substitute for a real timer, it just might pose yet another problem. The temptation to check the new message or read through Instagram feeds right after you set your timer might just be unavoidable. Therefore, an investment in a timer, either digital or hourglass may go a long way in enhancing your productivity. You sure should get something that suits your needs here.