How to Choose The Right Lace Closure Wigs

Buying closure wigs usually seems like an easy task until you try it. With the growth in the hair industry in recent times, there are so many types of hair closures that you need to take your time while choosing. Most of these diverse hair closure types look very much alike, and as such, you may be making a mistake. If you do not already know, hair closure is a hair extension that has all the hair strands tied behind silk or lace. With lace closure, all the hair strands seem like they are starting from your scalp because the lace will sit on your scalp as naturally as possible.

Hair closures come bearing a lot of benefits if you decide to wear one consistently. With the hair closure, you have little or no work to do with your hair, and you can rest assured of the safety of your hair. Closures come in different sizes when you buy the bundles. The most popular hair closure size is the 4×4 closure, but you still have options to choose the 5×5, 6×6, 2×6, and other few possibilities. Based on the different types, features, and sizes, selecting a closure can be an arduous task. Since the lace closure is usually worn with the primary purpose of hair protection, you must take some time out to choose the best closure for yourself. If you plan to grow your natural hair and stop using relaxers, you need to be exceptionally careful about the closure you will use. With the proper steps, you pick the best closure for your hair type and style. Let’s take a look at how you can select the proper hair closure easily.

Determine your hairstyle

The first and most important issue you may have with lace closures is the style you want to make. Once you are sure of the hairstyle you want, you can rest assured of getting the suitable closure wigs.

Choose the best length

The hair length you want to go is another strong determinant of the proper closure to get. What usually confuses most people is the number of bundles to use for their hair. These bundles depend on the hairstyle and the hair length. For hairs between eight inches and fourteen inches, two bundles with closure are good. And the more you increase the length of the hair, the more you need more bundles.

Understand the types of closure

Another thing you need to understand while choosing closure is the type of closures available. There are two main types classified based on the materials; the Silk closure and lace closure. The silk closure doesn’t have a natural look for most people, while the lace closure seats well on most people.

Understand the closure styles

The type of closure you will choose also depends on the styles you want. Majorly, closures come in three styles, the free part, middle part, and the three-part wig. The free part allows you to style your hair in any way, and the middle part limits you to only the middle, while the three parts give room for three styles.


Getting the right closure may seem complicated if you’re following the wrong steps. If you follow the steps in this guide, you will hardly make a closing mistake.