Importance of PSI in pressure washers and cleaning

The word psi is the abbreviation of pounds per square inch. It tells us about the force that is being exerted on an area of 1 square inch. It is the unit of pressure. Though there are many other units of pressure, that are used in different fields but for the pressure washer pumps, psi unit is used.

PSI for pressure washers:

Pressure washers are used to clean the dirt, dust, smudge or, stains from the different types of surfaces. They use water to clean off the dirty stuff. But only water cannot remove the hardened stains and firmly attached dirt. High pressure is required for water to strip off that dirt and stains. This pressure is measured in PSI.

Pressure washers use pumps that are driven by electric motors. Gas engine-driven pressure washer pumps are also used commercially. The pump is the main part of the pressure washers that throws water with very high pressure. Then this released water with very high velocity and pressure becomes capable of removing the stains and dust from the required surfaces. The jet-like released water separates the dirt due to its high pressure. So, the pressure of water which is measured in psi is the most important factor for cleaning.

Different PSIs to clean different surfaces:

We know that every surface is different from each other. Some surfaces are hard, strong and durable that can absorb a lot of power stroke. But some surfaces are fragile too. They are not strong enough to bear high pressure. Therefore, their cleaning by pressure washers requires suitable psi. The right amount of psi is selected for each surface, to ensure the safety of the surface. Tough surfaces require high pressure and they are capable of bearing the high-speed water of pressure washer pumps. While weak and delicate surfaces should be dealt with low psi so that the surfaces would not be damaged.

Now we discuss the different PSIs for different Purposes.

The normal pressure of water in homes:

The pressure of water in our home taps and garden pipes is between 30 and 70 psi. 50psi is enough for cleaning purposes in homes. Higher pressure would be dangerous in homes.

Pressure for bike tires:

Normally, the bike tires require pressure between 80 to 130psi. As we know the bike tires are narrower than other road vehicles. And narrow tires require a little bit higher psi.

Pressure for cars:

The pressure for cars is generally recommended between 30 to 40psi. But their ideal psi should be checked in their car manuals.

Pressure for car washing:

For car and bike washing, the service stations mostly use pressure from 1000 to 2200psi. From 2000 to 2200 psi very effective cleaning is obtained.

Pressure for concrete and brick cleaning:

The pressure of 3000 psi is the most suitable pressure for cleaning the dirt and stains from concrete and walls made of bricks. As these are hard surfaces, they require very high-pressure water to clean off the dirt on them.