WowGoBoard Electric Skateboard: Your Eco-Friendly Commute Companion

Urban transportation that relies on fossil fuels adversely impacts the environment. This is true in terms of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. They together contribute to environmental pollution.

The only way to minimise these contributors’ impact is to employ an environmentally sustainable solution. Besides this, it is also essential to avoid wasting time in traffic jams. Don’t worry; this article will put forward a green solution.

The solution is your go to wowgoboard electric skateboard. Using this gadget, you can reach your destinations faster without polluting your environment. Wondering how? Just keep reading to unveil the insightful facts!

What is Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard?

Wowgoboard electric skateboard refers to a skateboard that utilises electricity to operate. Three main components make up wowgoboard electric skateboard. These components are:

  • Battery
  • Electric Motor
  • Remote Control

The function of the battery is to store the electric current and then supply this current to the motors. Later, the motor powers the wheels of the electric skateboard. This facilitates the effortless operation.

Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard – Top Features

Many features add up to the worth of wowgoboard electric skateboard. Some of the notable features are:

Concave Deck

The deck of the skateboard features a concave shape; this shape enables the rider to maintain balance. Therefore, using this board minimises the chances of accidents and falls. Another thing that contributes is the strong grip tape on the Electric skateboard. You can ride rough terrain or surfaces without fear of injury. This feature adds value to this product.

Replaceable Wheels

You will get two types of wheels when you choose this electric skateboard. One features a dimensions of 90 mm and the other features a dimensions of 105 mm. The bigger dimensions facilitate the requirement of riding highly rough or uneven surfaces. At the same time, low dimensions, such as 90 mm wheels are suitable for surfaces featuring lower roughness levels.

Unmatchable Fastness

Unlike the standard electric skateboard, you can experience high speed using this electric skateboard. The top speed you can experience with this electric skateboard is 18 miles or 30 kilometres per hour. So, if you are looking for a high-speed electric skateboard, the Wowgoboard will never disappoint you. You can enjoy a wilder experience with this skateboard.

180 Days Warranty

Choosing this type of electric skateboard offers 180 days of warranty. A warranty means the product is qualitative. The spammers or scammers in the market do not offer warranties because they offer low-quality products. This is not the case with wowgoboard electric skateboard. No matter how you use this skateboard, whether it is rough and tough usage or exercise some care. This skateboard will last for years.

Highly Convenient Riding

Using the wowgoboard electric skateboard does not make you experience foot fatigue. The design of the electric skateboard is highly ergonomic. Whether you are riding a flat, sloppy, or uneven surface, the wowgoboard will never let you down. You can ride any surface with high comfort and convenience. The high-power batteries and motor provide high torque to facilitate unmatchable riding.